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A Valentine Ready Smile

With the new year and holiday season well behind us and no major holiday breaks in sight, it’s easy to adopt a bleak outlook for the rest of the year. Instead of sitting idly and letting the weeks pass by, take action to prepare yourself for the age old tradition of Valentine’s Day!

All About First Impressions

Looking to find yourself a Valentine this year? The key to a successful first encounter is a strong initial impression, something that you only have one shot at, so make it count! Show that you care by giving your teeth a quick scrub on the morning of your date, and perhaps a touch-up just before. The last thing you want is to have leftover breakfast bits still lying around! A rinse of mouthwash can do wonders for bad breath and shows that you’ve put forth a solid effort. Good things happen to those who plan for success!

Smile with Confidence

Be comfortable in your own body and trust in your own smile. Everyone is beautiful in their own way; embrace your individuality! Greet your potential Valentine with confidence and a winning smile. While you’ll obviously want to present your best self during such an occasion, try your best to relax and enjoy yourself as well. You aren’t here to impress others by being someone other than yourself. Smile naturally and comfortably and your date will feel the same!

Keep Things Fresh

Perhaps you aren’t in search of a new Valentine, but wish to keep things engaging with an old one. Although Valentine’s Day may seem like a single person’s game, it can still serve as a convenient excuse for established couples to reconnect. Make it a special occasion by taking extra care in preparing your smile. Feel free to have fun and dress up as well! Even though you’re familiar with your partner, you can still recreate those first-date feelings that you may not have felt in some time.

Some people may not wish to partake in the Valentine’s Day festivities, which is also fine. It’s all about the approach that you wish to take. You’ll get as much out of Valentine’s Day as you’re willing to put in. Looking for go the extra mile and really dazzle your Valentine this year? Centennial Smiles is more than happy to help you out! Give us a call at (587) 317‑7959 today!

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