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All About Dental Crowns

There’s a good chance that you or someone who know has gotten a dental crown at some point in your life. What do dentists mean when they talk about dental crowns, and why might you you require one?

What is a Dental Crown?

Simply put, a dental crown is a tooth shaped cap or cover that is placed over top of teeth. A good crown will be a snug fit and completely cover the surface of the tooth. You’ll find it very difficult to tell the difference between a real tooth and a dental crown most of the time.

Purpose of Dental Crowns

The main purpose of a dental crown is to protect weakened teeth from further damage or strain. If you’ve damaged a tooth but haven’t lost it, a crown may be used to help improve its strength and appearance. It can be used to hold a cracked or chipped tooth together  or restore a tooth that’s been worn down. Sometimes, a dental crown might be used for cosmetic purposes, such as covering a misshaped tooth. A crown might not be able to be used on teeth that are already mostly filling, with not a lot of actual tooth left.

What Options Are Available?

Crowns work just like your regular tooth and are highly durable in most scenarios. That being said, there can be some variation depending on the kind of material that’s used. Metal crowns are the most durable and can withstand the pressures of constant chewing and biting, but many people don’t find them very visually appealing. For this, porcelain alternatives are popular as they’re able to better match the colour and look of a regular tooth with the tradeoff of being easier to break. Finally, you may have gotten a stainless steel crown used on your baby teeth as a child. These are ideal for protecting children’s teeth until their permanent teeth grow in, at which point the crown is naturally removed.

Dental crowns can help improve your quality of life by protecting weakened teeth, restoring regular tooth function, and improving the aesthetics of your smile. Centennial Smiles is more than happy to discuss your options with you! If you’re looking for a new smile, don’t hesitate to reach us at (587) 317‑7959 today!

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