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Are Chocolate and Candy Good Presents?

Are Chocolate and Candy Good Presents? - Centennial Smiles - Calgary Dentists

Having trouble thinking of what to get your loved ones? Chocolates or candies are popular gift choices and stocking stuffers, but do they really make good presents? We’ll, of course, be viewing this debate from the eye of a Calgary dentist; your kids or partner will have the final verdict on whether or not they’re satisfied with their gift.

Opt for Dark Chocolate

Chocolate has been a favourite of gift-givers since what seems like the dawn of time. It’s plentiful, delicious, and always a pleasure to receive. However, many of the popular chocolate choices on the market today are composed mostly of sugar and oils rather than cocoa. Cocoa powder, which comes from cacao seeds, actually has some great antioxidant properties, much of which are cancelled out by the obscene amount of sugar that they’re often coupled with. To get the benefit of chocolate without the sweets, consider opting for dark chocolate this year. Although it may not be as preferred by some sweet tooths, it can still be quite tasty! Take a look around for various brands and makes, as the quality and taste of dark chocolate can vary more drastically than you might think.


If you plan on stepping away from chocolate and into the much larger world of candy in general, you’ll have a much easier time in finding something that’ll satisfy your sweet tooth. In general, it’s a good idea to look for candies that require some amount of chewing, as this helps break up the sticky sugar residues and prevents them from lingering on your teeth for too long. Candies that have nuts or other harder inclusions are also better for the same reason.

Don’t Stress About it

Craving a nice sticky bar of fudge this holiday season? Like everything else, treats can be enjoyed as long as it’s in moderation! There’s absolutely nothing wrong with indulging in a sticky delight every now and then. The holidays are a perfect excuse to do this! As long as you treat yourself responsibly and follow it up with the proper amount of brushing and oral care, you should be just fine. The holiday season is also a good time to assess your oral hygiene and squeeze the last dollars out of your health care plan before the New Year.

Thought we dentists were going to disapprove of your chocolate and candy gifts? Think again! Remember that, as with all other good things, you should enjoy these in moderation! Centennial Smiles wishes all our clients the happiest of holidays and the best of luck in the new year!

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