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Baby Teeth – Why They’re Just as Important as Permanent Teeth

Downtown Calgary Dentist – Dr. Rhemtulla of Centennial Smiles – loves seeing young smiles in her General Dental practice, and stresses the importance of valuing the health of baby teeth – even if they are going to fall out one day!

Baby Teeth Really Do Matter These small, sometimes crooked, bright white teeth play a really big role in preparing your child’s mouth for the arrival of adult teeth by holding space and aiding in the development of a child’s speech and chewing patterns. Usually emerging when a child is between six months and a year – baby teeth or primary dentition – deserve the same respect and attention as adult teeth; as the health of these little pearly whites has a huge impact on the health and development of permanent teeth.

Can Babies Get Cavities? As crazy as it may sound – dental decay can impact baby teeth – causing discomfort for a young child and the need for dental treatment. Baby Bottle Decay and early childhood decay are preventable – and are the result of poor oral hygiene coupled with a diet high in sugars. Breast milk, formula and natural juices all contain sugars that if left to sit on a child’s teeth react with oral bacteria; producing acids that eat away at tooth enamel and cause gum tissue to become red and swollen. Babies and toddlers may not be capable of brushing their own teeth but these teeth do need to be kept clean and free of plaque – so parental assistance is essential to keeping a young mouth healthy. Cleaning a baby’s gums with a soft towel after a feed will remove remnants of sugar and prevent new teeth erupting with decayed spots.

Bringing Your Child to The Dentist The Alberta Dental Association and Canadian Dental Association recommend that a child visit the dentist within six months of the first tooth emerging or by the age of one. Resurgence in childhood dental decay has prompted dental associations to encourage earlier and more frequent visits to ensure that a child’s oral health gets off to the best start. But seeing the dentist isn’t just about detecting decay – it also includes monitoring and evaluating the eruption of baby teeth and assessing the child’s jaw development to prepare for potential orthodontic treatment down the road.

At Centennial Smiles in Calgary – Dr. Rhemtulla and her dental team focus on providing preventative dental care that promotes optimal dental health to patients of all ages. For more information regarding dental care for young children and families – contact Centennial Smiles today (587) 317‑7959

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