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Cosmetic Dentistry for the Perfect Grad Smile

Looking to make your grad night the most memorable it can be? Sure, you’ve got your clothing choice and your perfumes or colognes, but there’s one more thing that everyone will be able to see while you’re walking the stage. Don’t forget that smile!

Cosmetic Dentistry

Obviously, don’t go all out here. Cosmetic dentistry is a general umbrella term for any dental procedure aimed at helping to improve appearance and quality of life. Orthodontics, for example, usually has some kind of cosmetically related motivational factor behind it. While it can correct serious problems, many people choose to get braces for the aesthetic appeal alone. Even something as simple as tooth whitening can be considered cosmetic dentistry. Having a great smile feels amazing any day of the year, but you’ll want to feel extra amazing on your graduation day with a perfect smile.

What are your options?

Again, you don’t need to think anything too big. Many people look for teeth whitening before their big day. There are many different whitening procedures and methods available out there, and speaking to your dentist is the best way to know if one will work for you. In general, you’ll want to start your whitening process as soon as possible, for the longer you have the more effective the treatment will be. Aside from that, taking good care of your teeth in general can go a long ways in maintaining their natural whiteness.

What else can I do?

Ensure that you’re sticking to a strict brushing and flossing regime the weeks leading up to your graduation day. Rinse well with a mouthwash such as listerine after brushing each night to help mop up any bacteria still lurking around. Try to avoid heavily coloured foods with dyes in them that can stain your teeth starting a few days prior. Stains can take a long time to brush off, time which you may not have. On the day itself, ensure that you’ve given your teeth a good scrub in the morning to give them a final polish. Finally, remember to hold your head up high, and show off what you’ve worked so hard for!

Centennial Smiles is more than happy to discuss your options for tooth whitening with you. Graduation day is closing in, and there’s no time to waste! Give us a call at (587) 317‑7959 today!

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