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Dental Facts to Chew On

Teeth and dentistry aren’t all bad – there are actually some interesting facts about those pearly whites that might actually put a smile on your face or at least give you something to chew on when considering your dental health.

Teeth, Saliva and Dental Floss

Ever thought dental floss could be fashioned in to some sort of rope – to be used in a prison break!  Well that’s exactly what a keen to be on the outside West Virginia inmate did – braided dental floss until it became strong enough for him to scale a wall.  Prison authorities in an attempt to help inmates keep their teeth and gums healthy inadvertently aided in the escape.  At Centennial Smiles in Calgary we’re all for playing by the rules – and recommend you keep floss close-by to clean between teeth and help plaque and food debris escape from tight areas.

Do you know how much saliva humans produce in a lifetime?  A lot – as it’s estimated that approximately 23,000 litres of spit comes from each human.  Essential for keeping oral tissues moist and helping to clean surfaces of teeth – a little saliva does you good and is needed to keep a mouth and teeth healthy.

Soda, Dental Decay and Gum Disease

We’ve never been fans of sugary drinks – you can read our previous blogs to understand the damage sugar does to teeth and our entire health.  Sugary drinks such as sodas came with a heavy whack of sugar – up to 39grams of sugar in a can of Coke – and our teeth are literally bathed in sugar when we take in what is supposed to be a ‘treat’.  The result is a real spike in dental decay for those who love to drink sodas – with reports suggesting a 62% hike in cavities in people who drink 3 or more cans of soda a day.

Dental Decay can be prevented and is helped by avoiding sugary treats.  If you’re thirsty try to grab water as this will not only keep you hydrated but won’t ruin your smile.  Now that you know about soda and dental decay – guess how many people over the age of 35 have some form of gum disease?  How about three out of every four- from puffy gums to lose teeth caused by gum and bone loss – gum disease can destroy a smile and weaken a person’s overall health due to infections.  Don’t ignore the subtle signs of gingivitis – see your Calgary Dentist if your gums bleed easily and are constantly puffy and swollen.

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