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Dental Veneers – Transforming Smiles

Do you ever look at some smiles and think ‘how can they be so perfect’. Great colour, shape and size – you’re left wondering how Mother Nature could have blessed someone with such an amazing smile while you were given a smile that has way more ‘character’. Well you’ll be pleased to discover that not all smiles are natural – and getting a head-turning smile may be easier than you imagined.

Placing Dental Veneers

Just like any veneer that acts as a covering over a structure – dental veneers are placed to cover the outer surface (facial surface) of a tooth – making them a great option for patients wanting to hide flaws like discoloration and minor restorative concerns like chips and gaps. Paper-thin, veneers are a conservative restorative option and are effective in providing a Cosmetic Dental solution for non-perfect smiles. Because Veneers cover the facial surface and gently wraps around the bottom of a tooth they are not an ideal option for teeth that require heavy restoration. The delicacy of Veneers make them highly tooth like – and able to give a natural finish – but the same delicacy can translate to limitations of use.

Preserving Tooth Structure

Unlike a dental crown that requires more extensive tooth preparation – a dental Veneer can frequently be placed with minimal removal of tooth structure. Often just a roughing of the facial surface is required before the veneer is cemented in place. The conservative nature of veneers becomes a great option for patients who want to make adjustments to their smile, without significant dentistry. In some cases, where a tooth appears further back than other teeth, a veneer can be placed with very slight adjustments. This means that down the road treatment options are still maintained as the structure of the tooth has only minimally altered.

Taking Care of Dental Veneers

General Dentists at Centennial Smiles Dental in Calgary explain that though veneers are incredibly thin and delicate they are still strong thanks to the nature of porcelain. Porcelain is used to make dental crowns, inlays, onlays and veneers – and is selected because of its strength and durability. If veneers are taken care of properly and regular dental care is maintained, it’s not uncommon for veneers to last decades.

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