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Did You Know: 98% of Oral Cancer is Detected by Your Dentist?

Did You Know: 98% of Oral Cancer is Detected by Your Dentist?

Visiting Your Dentist Regularly Could Save Your Life

Haven’t seen your dentist in a while? With the rise of oral cancer amongst today’s young people, it’s important to make regular trips to your dentist for prevention. Wednesday, May 13, Centennial Smiles, which is located in the downtown core, will be hosting a complementary oral cancer screening & education event! 4 out of 10 people with oral cancer die within five years of being diagnosed. Regular trips to the dentist’s greatly reduce the odds of developing oral cancer. The dentist can detect whether or not you’re affected through manual screening, which involves feeling of the lymph nodes, and checking out the mouth for abnormalities, or by using VELscope, an enhanced oral assessment system using natural tissue fluorescence to discover abnormalities in the oral mucosa.

From 7am-4pm, Dr. Rhemtulla and her team will be providing complementary oral cancer screenings to patients and non patients of the clinic, no appointment necessary. The goal of
the event is to raise awareness of oral cancer, kickstart your journey on prevention, early detection and to share the facts of oral cancer. Beverages and snacks will be provided to those in attendance, and the knowledgeable staff will be prepared to answer any questions.

Wonder how good your sunglasses are against those nasty UV rays? Stop by Eyedeology (in Centennial Clinic) and Dr. Farrah will review the effectiveness of your sunglasses, provide a free cleaning and adjustment of your lenses. The timing could not be more perfect with summer just around the corner!

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