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Does Our Smile Really Influence Our Self-Esteem?

Has the pursuit of eternal youth and vitality got us beating ourselves up if our teeth aren’t perfect?  Has our image obsessed culture got us shying away from social and professional engagements because we’re not sure if our smile measures up?

Beautiful Smile and a Healthy Self-Esteem

General Dentists at Centennial Smiles in the Calgary downtown core admit that when it comes to creating an impression nothing quite compares to a beautiful smile.  Stature and confidence can attract attention, as can a great head of hair, but when we consider what the impact a great smile has on people – it’s impressive.  Maybe it’s the fact that a person flashing us a smile automatically makes us feel more relaxed – now add to the mix the added impression that conveys health and vitality – we’ve hit a home run.  And an area of dentistry that has witnessed firsthand the effect a beautiful smile can have on a patient’s level of confidence is Orthodontics.  After all; Certified Orthodontists and General Dentists who also provide teeth straightening options literally see the transformative influence of a great smile.

Is It Just Orthodontics That Changes A Smile?

Orthodontic Treatment unravels a bad bite and treats the malocclusion to create a healthier, more esthetic version.  But it isn’t just Orthodontics that can change the look of a smile – Restorative and Cosmetic Dentistry in Calgary can craft a smile that corrects crookedness, chips, missing teeth and other bite related and cosmetic imperfections.  Wearing an Orthodontic System like Invisalign® is one way to get a beautiful healthy smile, and restorative dentistry gives you another option by using crowns, veneers and bridges to transform a not-so-perfect smile.

So Is A Great Smile Linked To Higher Self-Esteem?

If your smile is stopping you from living the life you want then maybe it’s time to seek treatment. Whenever we make a positive change in our appearance the result tends to be a higher regard for ourselves – which then starts the ripple effect of giving us the gumption to join clubs, apply for jobs, ask that cutie out and have more fun!

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