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Early Orthodontic Treatment – Preventing Concerns Down the Road?

Though teeth can be moved at any age to enhance a smile and correct bite imbalances; when it comes to children there are optimal times for beginning orthodontic treatment – taking skeletal development and tooth eruption in to consideration to maximize results.

Is Early Orthodontic Treatment Always Recommended?

Not every child will require orthodontic treatment, and of those who do, not every case involves beginning early phase treatment.  Calgary Dentists at Centennial Smiles Dental in Downtown Calgary note that early orthodontic treatment does not necessarily mean the wearing of orthodontic brackets and wires – it merely refers to treatment that is addressing bite issues – and can refer to arch expanders and other appliances that correct jaw development.

Are There Benefits for Early Orthodontic Treatment?

Dealing with the signs of bite problems early, offers the opportunity of preventing bigger, and more involved treatment concerns down the road.  Early orthodontic intervention guides growth and development, giving a child every opportunity to have a healthier bite, and preventing serious problems as the child matures.  Early treatment of orthodontic concerns isn’t always aimed at correcting ‘tooth’ problems as other issues such as, thumb sucking, speech problems, airway constriction, clenching and grinding and inadequate arch formation all benefit from early intervention.

Results of Treating Bite Issues Early

The team at Centennial Smiles Dental can attest to the positive results that early orthodontics provides young children.  With expansion of arches, room is created for erupting teeth and concerns of crowding are addressed.  One of the most significant advantages of starting phase one treatment early is the reduction in needing to extract teeth at a later date.  By creating space and guiding the development of jaws, only minor orthodontic treatment may be required at a later date.

Family Dentists at Centennial Smiles Dental recommend a child have regular visits to the dentist so that jaw development and tooth positon can be monitored and assessed for treatment needs.  Wearing an orthodontic appliance is something young children adapt well to and can provide a developing mouth the best opportunity for a functional healthy smile.

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