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Financial Information

Financial Information

Direct Insurance Billing

At Centennial Smiles Dental, we do our best to ensure smooth and easy transactions for all of our clients. To best assist our patients with easy to understand financing, we offer to collect the portion of their treatment that is covered by their private insurance plan directly from that insurance company, leaving only the remaining balance for the patient to pay.

Each insurance plan has different fee guides and different coverage levels. Due to the Canadian Privacy Act in effect as of January 2004, most insurance companies will not release plan details to anyone except the policy holder. For this reason, it is important to understand your annual maximum and the percentage for basic and major treatment coverage. All this information can be found in your insurance plan manual.

We recommend that you bring your insurance manual with you to your first appointment so we can help you better understand your plan. With this information, we can provide more accurate estimates for your dental treatment.

Our treatment recommendations are based on your oral health needs, not what your insurance plan covers.  We will do our best to help with direct payment from your insurance provider and/or help with your insurance payment claims.


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