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Have a Whiter Smile for Your Wedding Picture

Weddings are notoriously picky about all the tiniest details, which makes sense, as it should be one the best days of your lives! From the cake design to the colours of the chairs, everything needs to be meticulously placed. However, amongst all the decisions, many people often underestimate the importance of their smile! It’ll be a prominent part of every photograph, and since this is the happiest day of your life, it’s a good idea to make sure your smile is ready. With that in mind, here’s some ways to keep your pearly whites shining for the big day!

Avoid Sugary Drinks

If you didn’t see this one coming, you need to take a break from wedding preparations and rest your poor, tired mind! Sugary drinks are a classic example of something you should only drink in moderation, and for good reason! Their excessive sugar content supports the growth of harmful bacteria in your mouth, which can both wear down your teeth and cause bad breath. Stay away from these drinks a few weeks before your wedding, and you’ll be sure to feel the difference. Other beverages to avoid include tea, coffee, and red wine. The rich natural colouring in these drinks can darken and stain your teeth.

Healthy Foods

We often talk a lot about what foods to avoid when trying to keep a wedding ready smile, but sometimes that can leave you wondering whether there are any foods left at all. So instead, here are some foods and drinks that are great choices for before your wedding! Milk and water are easy decisions when it comes to beverages. Water is a great drink option all around, and milk’s high calcium content helps strengthen your teeth. If you don’t like dairy milk, you can reap all the same benefits from soy or almond milk as well. Look to fill your diet with lots of dark, leafy greens. These veggies won’t only do wonders for your oral health, but also make help maintain your weight for the big day. If you’re looking for something snacky, try to stay away from the processed carbohydrates and grab an apple or a carrot instead. These foods that are harder to chew can act like a toothbrush and give your teeth an extra, bonus scrub.

Cosmetic Dentistry

Whether your teeth are stained from years of coffee drinking, yellowed from improper brushing, crooked, or missing, the general dentists at Centennial Smiles can offer a cosmetic dentistry treatment plan that meets your needs. We love being an important part of getting photo ready, and encourage you to have everyone in your wedding party book their teeth whitening early. We generally recommend scheduling your appointment for a couple weeks before the wedding. If you’re searching for the solution to a more complicated cosmetic detail, treatment may take more time. We recommend seeing your dentist as soon as you’re engaged to discuss how you can create the smile you want.

At the end of the day, weddings aren’t made or unmade by little details, but they certainly can still make a big difference! Don’t neglect your oral health when it comes to having a wedding ready smile. Have any questions? Call us at (587) 317‑7959 to speak with one of our friendly staff members.

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