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Helping Your Child Remain Cavity Free

If you’ve been following our dental blogs you’ve probably noticed that the team at Centennial Smiles Dental try to impart information that will enhance a patient’s dental and systemic health.  We’ve gone on a few rants in the past about sugar and its damaging effects on both the mouth and body – and this week’s blog is going to reinforce our avoid sugar philosophy and share some tips on helping young children remain free from dental cavities.

It’s Not Just About the Candy

Your child survived Halloween, and the heaps of ghoulish candy that seems to have been around us for months.  And now we’re gearing up for another big holiday approaching – one known for candy canes and other festive treats – so it may seem that you’re on constant sugar patrol between October and the New Year!  Taking care of a young child’s mouth isn’t just about the candy – though limiting their exposure to sugary treats certainly reduces the risk of early childhood decay – but there are other factors that contribute to the formation of dental decay and rob a child of their smile and dental health.

What Causes Decay in Children’s Teeth?

Most parents understand the importance of bringing their child to see the dentist for regular exams and dental cleanings.  The Canadian Dental Association recommends a child visits the dentist within six months of the first tooth erupting or by the age of one.  Early exposure to dental care has been shown to reduce the incidence of decay in young children – as early and regular monitoring of teeth enable the dental team to diagnose and prevent a soft spot from becoming a full-blown cavity.  Young children aren’t the best at keeping their teeth clean – with ineffective home care being one of the major factors of childhood decay.  Even if your child wants to be independent and brush their own teeth, it’s important that a parent supervise and assist so that teeth are adequately cleaned, and toothpaste isn’t just eaten off the brush!

Does Fluoride Help Prevent Cavities?

Fluoride is a big player in the fight against dental decay.  Calgary’s water does not contain fluoride so it’s important to make sure your child is exposed to small amounts of fluoride to ensure their teeth are protected.  Fluoride has the ability to remineralise dental enamel – helping to strengthen spots that have been weakened by oral bacteria and acid.  Without exposure to fluoride it doesn’t take long for a soft spot to develop in to a cavity – especially between teeth.  Talking to your Calgary Dentist about the benefits of fluoride will provide an opportunity to discuss your child’s dental health and how it may thrive with fluoride treatments.

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