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How can Milk Benefit Your Teeth?

You’ve probably seen commercials on TV or heard from a friend that milk is an excellent choice of beverage for strengthening teeth. They aren’t wrong! Although many other effects of drinking milk are still poorly understood, there has been much research done showing its benefits for your teeth.

All About Calcium

Calcium is a major component of bones and teeth, and is present in high amounts in milk! Your tooth’s calcium supply can be diminished from regular wear and tear, and some types of bacteria love to feed on the stuff. Because of this, it is important that the calcium minerals be replenished. Drinking milk is an excellent way to do this, and has the added benefit of also strengthening bones, including your jaw.

A Dairy Defence

Calcium isn’t the only thing that milk’s got going for it! Recent studies have found that milk, along with other dairy products, can help fight against tooth decay. Milk proteins, known as caseins, may have some protective properties and help stop bacteria from eating away at your teeth’s mineral deposits. Furthermore, an assortment of other important elements present in milk contribute to replenishing and repairing tooth enamel. As an added side benefit, milk is commonly fortified with vitamin D supplements, adding yet another reason to why milk is so good for you!

Too Much of a Good Thing

As great as milk is, it is not without faults. Drinking too much milk means introducing a large amount of lactose (milk sugar) to your body, which is a bit harder to break down. Those who are lactose intolerant know this well, and may be wondering how they can join in on reaping the benefits while being unable to drink milk. Fear not! Milk substitutes such as soy or almond milk provide similar benefits and are high in all the same nutrients.  Milk is also high in fats, which are commonly viewed as something bad and unhealthy.

For those of you that aren’t huge fans of milk, rest assured that it is not the only option! Yogurt, cheese, and various cream based foods can all get the job done just as well as milk, if not better. Pick your favourite dairy product and go ahead and enjoy it, knowing that you’re helping keep your teeth healthy and strong.

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