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How to Have a Dentist-Approved Easter

How to Have a Dentist-Approved Easter - Centennial Smiles - Calgary Dentists

The Easter holidays are here, bringing along warmer weather and plenty of chocolates and sweets. While us adults look forward to enjoying both of these, your child’s sweet tooth will likely have a bit more of a bias. Don’t let your child fall victim to the Easter bunny’s delicious siren call!

Types of Candy

This isn’t to say that you shouldn’t give your child any chocolate. Easter is a holiday like any other, and special occasions certainly deserve special treats. However, the kinds of candy that you can offer has a large impact on the potential damage that candy can do. For example, you’ll want to stay away from sticky treats like toffee or caramel, as these tend to linger on teeth for extended periods of time and invite bacteria to use the area as a breeding ground. Look instead for harder candies that require a decent amount of chewing, especially those with nuts incorporated. When it comes to chocolate, opt for those with higher cocoa percentages and less sugar or high fructose corn syrup.

Quality Over Quantity

All treats should be given in moderation. There’s no need to offer up three weeks worth of candy to your child all in one go. Instead, give smaller amounts, perhaps just enough to make the next day or two special. If your child is still enjoying their Easter candy weeks later, much of the initial spark of excitement will have worn off long ago anway. Keep Easter special and your child’s teeth safe by reducing the amount of candy this year. Don’t splurge on dozens of eggs for the annual household egg hunt. Instead, opt for smaller eggs, which have the added benefit of being even harder to spot!

Candy Alternatives

If your child doesn’t have much of a sweet tooth to begin with, you may want to consider some non-edible alternatives as Easter gifts. Children are easily enthralled by the prospect of being given anything new and exciting. Spread Easter cheer by presenting your child with their very own stuffed bunny or egg decorating workshop. Surprise them with a fun new spring outfit to wear. Take some time to go out and survey the family friendly activities offered by our community. Make Easter a special occasion without the chocolate by reinforcing what holidays are really all about!

Centennial Smiles wishes all our clients a fun and safe Easter holiday weekend. Get out and enjoy the spring weather during your community’s annual egg hunt, but keep an eye on your child’s sweet tooth. If you’re looking to book your next dental appointment, simply call us at 587-353-5060 today!

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