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How to Soothe Painful Mouth Burns

You know you should let it cool, but you just can’t wait! You take a gulp of your steamy coffee/tea/hot chocolate/soup or you take a huge bite of that gooey, cheesy hot pocket. Ouch! You’ve burned your mouth, your tongue, your gums, or all three! If you wish to ease the pain and speed the healing, you need to act quickly.

Simple steps to soothe the pain of a mouth burn:

  • Cool it: Get something cool in your mouth to relieve the pain and cool the burn. An ice cube, cold water, or a frozen Popsicle will work.
  • Coat it: Provide a temporary barrier to reduce irritation and soothe itching by gently coating the burn with honey, milk, yogurt or a mouth rinse containing aloe-vera.
  • Relieve the pain: Use over-the-counter pain medication to relieve discomfort.
  • Avoid irritation: For a few days, steer clear of foods that are sharp, crunchy, spicy, acidic, or salty (hot peppers, chips, raw carrots, tomatoes, citrus fruit, coffee, etc.). Avoid alcohol and tobacco products. Eat soft foods such as eggs, yogurt and warm (not hot!) soup.
  • Keep it clean: Brush your teeth gently. Use a salt water rinse 2 to 3 times a day. Make the rinse by dissolving ½ tsp. of salt in 8 oz. of lukewarm water.
  • Speed the healing: Help regenerate healthy skin and tissue by gently dabbing Vitamin E oil on the burn. Drink lots of fluids to keep the body hydrated. Support healing with a diet consisting of dairy products, quality protein, whole grains and plenty of fruits and vegetables.
  • Talk to your dentist/doctor: If the pain persists for more than a week, the burn has not healed in 2 weeks or you are not able to eat or drink, talk to your dentist or doctor. Consult a medical professional if you have clear blisters, weeping skin, a dark brown area, fever, swelling, redness or pockets of pus.

Your mouth contains delicate tissues that are easily burned by hot foods and drinks. To avoid burns; give your meals time to cool, take small sips and bites, and blow on your forkful of hot food. If you still burn your mouth, it’s good to know there are some simple remedies to reduce your pain and speed your healing.

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