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Improving the Shape, Color and Size of Teeth with Bonding

Improving the Shape, Color and Size of Teeth with Bonding - Centennial Smiles - Tooth Bonding Calgary

If you’ve thought that changing the color, shape and size of teeth always involved the application of veneers or crowns – you’re in for a nice surprise.  Though not all teeth can be adequately transformed with the use of tooth colored bonding material – moderate improvements that address small chips, too wide of a gap between teeth or a tooth that is slightly out of alignment can respond positively to some strategically placed material that enhances individual teeth and improves a person’s smile.

What is Bonding?

Bonding is a considered a conservative method for restoring a tooth to its natural form and function.  Used to restore a tooth that has decay or chipped – this tooth colored material is also used in a cosmetic fashion to improve the esthetics of teeth.  What if your smile was perfect – apart from that one tooth that for some reason is a little shorter, or narrower, that its corresponding tooth?  Something what seems trivial to some can actually make others long for a solution that will balance their smile line and give the appearance of perfection.  Bonding material works really well with front teeth that are in need of minor improvements that create a big impression.  Matching the color of a person’s natural teeth, bonding can be used to close gaps, lengthen teeth and repair small chips from the corners or edges of teeth.

Can Bonding Hide Tooth Stains?

One of the most beneficial aspects to this tooth colored material is its ability to be placed in a thin layer over tooth enamel – hiding stains and evening-out imperfections such as white spots and mottling.  By removing a microscopic amount of enamel a dentist can bond natural looking material to mask deeper stains and improve the overall look of a tooth.  In time the bonding material can pick up staining from coffee or red wine consumption – but these stains are quickly removed during a routine cleaning appointment.

Improving a smile doesn’t always mean wearing braces or having several crowns placed.  In suitable situations the conservative placement of bonding can give teeth a new look by correcting minor flaws and imperfections.

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