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Is Your Child Ready for Orthodontics?

Sometimes we see overeager parents who take their children in for an orthodontics consultation much too early. On the other hand, some parents wait until the most opportune time for orthodontic treatment has passed before booking their child in for an appointment. How can you strike a happy medium between these two extremes?

When Should They Start?

It’s not uncommon for your child’s adult teeth to settle in rather misaligned. Taking them in for a consultation before all their adult teeth have appeared is probably premature. Without knowing exactly where permanent teeth will end up, it’s difficult to make accurate predictions about what kind of treatment your child might need. Sometimes, orthodontic treatment may be given when it may not have been needed at all! Usually, most children will have their full set of teeth in at around 12 years of age, which is a good time to start looking at making that first appointment.

Identify Problems

There are some scenarios in which you do want to take your child in for a checkup even before all their adult teeth have grown. For example, the palate is much more flexible in younger children and is more easily manipulated. This is advantageous if a need arises to make room for incoming teeth to prevent crowding. Although misaligned teeth are fairly common and unlikely any cause for concern, extremely crooked or crowded teeth that are immediately noticeable to the naked eye should be treated seriously. Bringing the issue up at your regular checkup with your dentist can be a good place to start, especially if you haven’t yet decided on an orthodontist.  

Explore Options

While metal brackets and wires have been the traditional solution to crooked teeth, there are a wide variety of treatment options available today. If you or your child is uncomfortable with the idea of braces, don’t be afraid to bring this up at your consultation! We are more than happy to work with you to come up with the best way to effectively treat your child while ensuring that all their needs are being met. Teenagehood is a difficult enough time without the added worry of a mouthful of train tracks!

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