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More Dental Myth Debunking

Our last blog gave you the straight talk on flossing and teeth whitening – two topics that can sometimes stir up controversial opinions. At Centennial Smiles Dental we recommend both – regular flossing and creating a whiter, brighter smile that has you grinning from ear to ear. But back to debunking dental myths as there is still some misleading dental health information to dispel.

Root Canals Are Super Painful

A root canal is a dental procedure that can relieve dental discomfort and restore oral health. A root canal is performed because the nerve of a tooth is diseased – as a result of decay, trauma and/or infection. The discomfort a patient experiences is caused by the nerve of the tooth dying and infection and pressure building in the tooth. When a root canal is performed the tooth is opened and the decaying nerve is removed – eliminating pain, discomfort and swelling – and all remaining infected tissue is cleaned out so that the tooth can be saved. General Dentists at Centennial Smiles explain that most patients experience relief from pain after a root canal has been performed and advise patients not to ignore a toothache as dental infection can quickly spread.

Baby Teeth Aren’t Important

Nothing could be further from the truth – baby teeth or primary dentition not only enable a young child to chew and speak, but also provide guidance and space for adult teeth. Losing baby teeth prematurely to dental decay or trauma has a significant impact on permanent teeth that are still developing below the gums. With no form of guidance an adult tooth can either not erupt at all, erupt off course and end up behind other teeth or erupt too soon when it is not fully developed. Taking care of baby teeth instills in a young child the importance of regular dental care and maintaining oral health – something that will help prevent dental phobias and create a healthy smile for life.

At Centennial Smiles Dental providing the highest level of care and attention to patients’ oral health is the primary goal and objective. Believing that preventive dentistry is the foundation for optimal dental health – this group of dentists make your smile their priority. For more information regarding dental services available at this Downtown Calgary Dental Office – call today (587) 317‑7959

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