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Orthodontics Is About More Than a Pretty Smile

As great as it is to have a neat row of straight teeth, orthodontic treatment has benefits beyond just aesthetics. Having a properly aligned jaw is extremely important for your long term health, and an improper bite can lead to pain and complications down the road. What are the benefits of undergoing orthodontic treatment besides being able to be proud of your smile?

Jaw Alignment

Improper alignment of the jaw leads to a myriad of problems. Teeth that don’t bite down correctly tend to grind together, which can wear down tooth enamel and cause headaches or chronic pain. Your jaw bone is tightly involved with the rest of your facial structure, meaning that problems with it can also lead to problems in chewing and swallowing. Sometimes, it can even result in neck or back pain. Teeth that stick out at awkward angles are especially at risk of fracturing, especially if you’re someone who enjoys physical sports. Finally, a misaligned jaw when you’re young can cause crowding of future teeth, leading to large gaps and spaces between teeth that can be harder to treat.

Eating Food

A straight set of teeth is well designed by nature to handle the task of chewing and swallowing food. Misaligned teeth can lead to difficulties in performing even these simple functions. Food can get trapped in small spaces between crowded teeth, contributing to gum disease, tooth decay, and other dental problems. The problem is exacerbated by the increased difficulty in brushing and flossing. A failure to take the proper oral hygiene steps due to misaligned teeth can lead to greater issues.

Long Term Effects

Misaligned teeth put unnecessary tension on the muscles controlling your jaw. If this goes on unchecked, it can result in teeth not properly setting into their intended positions, leading to weaker roots and increasing your teeth’s risk of becoming chipped or infected. Dental issues are best treated if caught early. Investing in your child’s oral health by having them undergo orthodontic treatment now can save you costly restorative procedures in the future.

Getting braces might be rough, but it’s nothing compared to the potential pain and problems that can arise from a bad bite. If you’re concerned about the treatment or what it might entail, Centennial Smiles Dental is here to help! Call us at (587) 317‑7959 today to set up a consultation, or fill out a form on our website today!

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