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Preconception & Pregnancy Dental Care

Preconception & Pregnancy Dental Care - Centennial Smiles - Calgary Dentists

Whether you’re already pregnant or thinking about trying to conceive, TTC for those of the internet mama-sphere, we have one more appointment for you to add to your busy calendar: a trip to your dentist. Between the million trips to the mall, the nursery decorating, and the other million trips to the doctor, you may feel that going to the dentist is the last thing you’re going to do. But keeping your oral hygiene in check while you’re pregnant is important and harder than you think.

Pregnancy Gingivitis.

We’re sorry to say that not all the changes that come with pregnancy are good ones. While that pregnancy glow and your gorgeous new hair are on the pros side of the extra estrogen pumping through your system, pregnancy gingivitis is on the cons. The boost of hormones makes your gums super sensitive. Suddenly, the tiniest amount of bacteria can lead to swelling, redness, and bleeding. Even with perfect flossing and brushing, it’s nearly impossible to keep up with all the cleaning. And, untreated gingivitis can snowball into a host of problems including periodontitis which is associated with pregnancy complications like premature labor, preeclampsia, and gestational diabetes.

Give Yourself a Break.

Pregnant women are often too hard on themselves. They watch what they eat, watch what they do, watch how much activity they get. It’s all worry and being careful 24/7. And we don’t want your teeth and gum health to become just another thing to get anxious over. So take a break and let our expert dental hygienists keep your mouth clean. With one or two deep-cleanings during your pregnancy, you’ll find it much easier to keep up your usual standard of oral care.

Preconception is the best time to begin thinking about your oral health. If it’s been a couple years since you’ve had x-rays done, you’ll want to get them done now — before you have a baby growing inside you. And going into your pregnancy with a pristine, clean smile makes fighting off pregnancy gingivitis much easier. But whether you’re still dreaming of a bump or a month from delivery, remember it’s never too late to visit your local Calgary dentist and have a cleaning.

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