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Prepare Your Kids’ Dental Hygiene for the Holiday Season

Despite the holidays being just around the corner, school and work are likely still swinging in high gear. During this busy time, it becomes easy to lose track of our day to day activities. Perhaps your kids have stopped brushing their teeth in the morning to save time, or you’ve been putting off that dental appointment. There’s no time like the present to get back into the swing of things and check in with your oral hygiene!

Set a Routine

The easiest and most effective way to ensure that your kids are staying on top of their oral hygiene is to incorporate it into their daily routines. Budget out some time each morning that’s dedicated solely for brushing teeth, and enforce it strictly for the first few days. Try and keep things consistent day to day until the behaviour becomes normalized. Soon, your kids will naturally start to associate brushing their teeth with the start of their day. Establishing a healthy routine might take some work, but it’ll pay off in the end!

Considering Braces?

Looking into getting orthodontic treatment for your child? Now is a perfect time to get started. Talk to your dentist for a referral, or visit your orthodontist to find out more about what the process might entail. Modern braces are less intrusive and face much less stigma than a few years ago. Moreover, your child will have already settled in at their school and gotten to know their classmates. Getting braces at this time is less likely to cause them social distress.

Schedule a Checkup

Probably the easiest thing to procrastinate on is a dental checkup. They occur infrequently and can sometimes be a hassle to schedule. However, with the holiday season just around the corner, right now is the time to schedule in those last dental checkups for the year. You’ll ensure that any dental issues are caught before you go on holiday, and can rest assured knowing that it’ll be 6 months before you need to worry about the next checkup!

Maintaining a healthy smile requires a little bit of work over a long period of time. If you’ve noticed your kids slacking off in their brushing and routines recently, give them a gentle reminder to take care of their teeth! We look forward to seeing you before the holidays! You can book an appointment by calling (587) 317‑7959.

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