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Preventative Care 101

When it comes to great oral health, it’s easier to maintain it than constantly yo-yo between good habits and bad. Regular basic brushing and flossing habits will do wonders for your teeth and help to keep your smile pearly white. However, life gets busy, and it can often be hard to stick to strict oral hygiene schedules. It’s always good to have a refresher every now and then to make sure you’re still taking care of your teeth the way you should be.

Brush Much?

Brushing your teeth is the best and easiest way to get rid of the layers of plaque build up that accumulate throughout the day. Plaque will build up fastest in those hard to reach corners of your mouth (like your back molars!), which means those areas should be a focal point. If you’re using a manual toothbrush, move it gently across all surfaces of teeth in small circular motions. Those using an electric toothbrush have the circular motion already being done for them; ensure that you move across your teeth slowly so the brush has time to do its job. Don’t forget to also brush your gumline! For best results, you’ll want to brush at least twice a day — once in the morning and once at night. It’s often impractical to brush after every meal, but try to at least rinse your mouth thoroughly to get rid of any food particles that hang around.

Floss Like a Boss

Never underestimate the value of flossing! As mentioned above, plaque tends to build up in those tricky corners that a toothbrush just can’t reach. For these spots, floss is really the only effective method of removing that harmful accumulation of bacteria. Flossing shouldn’t be viewed as an “accessory” action to complement brushing. Instead, treat is as its own integral part of your entire oral hygiene regime. Start with a floss of reasonable length, and change the contact point every few teeth. Make sure you bring the string right down to the gumline and floss up and down a couple times per space to ensure that your cleaning is thorough.


The last thing you’ll want to do to is schedule a regular dental check up with a professional. If you haven’t visited your dentist in a while, now is the time to do so! Only your dentist can provide crucial advice and insight on the state of your oral health. Regular visits ensure that there aren’t any hidden problems you need to be worried about. Looking for a new dentist? Centennial Smiles is always looking for new smiling clients. Call us at (587) 317‑7959 today!

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