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Protect Your Child’s Teeth This Summer

It’s a dangerous world out there for small teeth and their owners! Summer can be an especially difficult season due to ample number of various physical activities that your child can get involved in. Besides that however, the lack of school and its strict scheduling can turn the summer holidays into a haze of heat and off sleeping patterns, which can impact your child’s brushing habits. The heat can become an excuse to increase the cold sugary treat intake, leading to more dental issues.

Accidents During Sports are Common

Summer sports are a great way to keep your child busy and involved while out of school, along with providing all the benefits that come with exercise and play. However, most sports aren’t all that tooth-friendly, and the last thing you want is a couple of knocked out front teeth. Wearing a mouth guard is an excellent way to protect your child’s teeth and prevent this from happening. Feel encouraged to speak with your child’s coach about what kind of safety precautions are in place.

Dog Days of Summer

Summer can feel like it drags on forever, the days slowly ticking by, coupled with the constant heat. Kids may feel especially lazy and don’t have regular motivations like school to get up at the same time every morning. Because most of our teeth brushing routines are linked closely with bedtime and morning routines, this change in scheduling can have a major impact on the quality of brushing. Children may feel it alright to skip brushing their teeth one night, writing it off as summer vacation. Be on the lookout for this! Brushing your teeth twice daily is an integral part of keeping healthy teeth, and should be kept on a tight schedule! Educate your younger ones about the importance of brushing their teeth to instill good habits this summer!

Cool Treats on Hot Days

Summer is a great excuse to pull out the bucket of ice cream, or to stop the ice cream truck for a quick frozen treat. Although a great way to break up the heat, the increase in the intake of sugary treats is not going to be welcomed by teeth. Ice cream and popsicles have a tendency of leaving sticky residues on the surface of those pearly whites, encouraging bacterial growth and the development of plaques. If your child has a bit of a sweet tooth, ensure that he or she is brushing their teeth properly and rinsing afterwards with a quick swig of water.

Summer is an excellent time to catch up on activities and do sports that aren’t available during the rest of the year, either do to the weather or to school. However, take care that it doesn’t become an excuse to slack off on brushing and also ensure that proper precautions are being taken to safeguard your child’s teeth! Centennial Smiles is happy to address any questions or concerns that you may have. Contact us today at (587) 317‑7959!

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