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At Centennial Smiles Dental we pride ourselves on being an integral part of our community. In keeping with this spirit, we will be closing our office until April 1st, in order to curtail the non-essential trips out of your homes and in turn control the pandemic spread of COVID-19. In controlling the spread, early containment is the key. Further closure could be possible, and we will update you when those decisions are made.

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Silver Fillings Making You Frown?

Hiding your smile because it reveals a mouth of amalgam fillings?  Dental patients in a certain age group – the over forties – all have or have had a silver filling or two.  Those of us who were prone to decay as children may have a handful of silver (amalgam) restorations that can have too much presence in the mouth – stopping you from smiling freely.  If you’re frowning more than smiling it may be time to consider removing old silver fillings.

What if There’s Nothing Wrong With Your Amalgam Restorations?

Replacing amalgam restorations should be done after discussion with your Calgary Dentist.  Rushing to take out fillings just because they’re not the most esthetic should be avoided – as though the darkness of these restorations may not make you happy – they ideally should be removed after a new material has be chosen that best suits your oral health and bite needs.  Not all restorative materials provide the same amount of strength and durability in every mouth – if you’re a clencher and grinder or have been diagnosed with an imbalanced bite then selecting a new material that can stand-up to related forces is recommended.

Why Do Teeth With Large Silver Fillings Get Crowned?

The nature of placing a silver filling involves a dentist making several undercuts in healthy tissue that provides retention to the filling material.  This method of placement often means that a large portion of the tooth is involved in the restoration – with the result being that sometimes there’s more filling than tooth structure.  The downside to this scenario is that the tooth is at risk of breaking due to the lack of support and protection – which can result in the tooth splitting in two.  To prevent a tooth from breaking a crown may be placed to provide the essential protection.  There are many advantages of crowning a large silver filling – the darkness of the material is hidden under tooth colored porcelain – and the risk of the tooth breaking is reduced.

Downtown Calgary Dentists at Centennial Smiles Dental recommend a consultation with a dentist to discuss the removal of silver fillings and the placement of a new material that offers a natural look without compromising strength.

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