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Skip the Pop This Fall

With fall and school right around the corner, many students may be increasing their consumption of sugary drinks. It can become difficult to keep an eye on consumption while your child is at school. This fall, encourage your children to stay away from pop and look to other beverage options instead.

Say No to Pop

Recent research has made it abundantly clear that pop and soft drinks have drastic adverse effects on those who drink them. The high sugar content is delivered in a sticky liquid medium, allowing it to easily coat tooth surfaces and gumlines. This ample supply of sugar acts as an irresistible feast for the “bad” bacteria in the oral cavity, which quickly begin multiplying  out of control. A sudden increase in their populations causes the healthy bacteria to die off, worsening the problem. Before you know it, you’ve got cavities left and right and are at a high risk for gingivitis and periodontal disease.

Is it Something Wrong With Pop?

If pop did not have a high sugar content, drinking it would be much less of a concern. At the end of the day, the sugar present in fizzy drinks is what makes them both so appealing and damaging at the same time. It’s important to keep this in mind, as it is easy to lose sight of why we keep suggesting you lower your soda intake!

What Are My Options?

This isn’t to say that one pop spells disaster for your teeth. Like anything, moderation remains key, and also keep in mind that simple sugars are a necessary and vital source of energy for the body. However, the best way to eliminate the risk entirely is by choosing alternative drinks over the fizzy ones.  Fruit juices, for example, are an excellent choice that still provides a satisfyingly sweet taste for those looking to satiate their sugar tooth. Making your own ice tea or lemonade is another good alternative, as it lets you control how much sugar you’re adding in. If you’re looking for something carbonated, you may want to look into creating your very own sodas. Again, the advantage here is a higher level of control over what goes in. Finally, you always have the option of a cool and refreshing glass of ice water! Think about what it is about drinking pop that makes it so attractive, and use those factors to guide your thinking when looking at choosing an alternative.

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