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Smile Analysis
in Calgary, AB

Smile analysis is a key element of diagnosis and treatment planning before cosmetic dentistry. Calgary’s general dentist, Dr. Rhemtulla at Centennial Smiles Dental, will be able to determine the treatment required for your perfect smile.


To better understand how we can help you get the smile that you will love, analyze your smile at home. All you need to do is to stand in front of a mirror in your home and smile at yourself. After this think of a humorous moment and give a laughing smile. If you are not happy with your teeth, this is the smile you may not be very comfortable with. If you are not happy with your smile, answer the questions below.

  1. Do you see stains?
  2. Are your teeth dull or darkened?
  3. Are there gaps and spaces and are they uneven?
  4. Do they seem out of line with each other?
  5. Are they crooked and go different directions?
  6. Do they seem too small or too large?
  7. Are the edges chipped?
  8. Do your gums show too much or are they irregular?
  9. Do your teeth slant in any way?
  10. Have your gums receded?
  11. Do your teeth with crowns seem a different color than your natural teeth?
  12. Are you missing any teeth?

If you answered yes to any of the questions above, schedule a consultation with Dr. Rhemtulla to discover how to create your beautiful smile!

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520 3rd Ave SW Unit #245
Calgary, AB
T2P 0R3

New Patients: (587) 317-7959

Existing Patients: (587) 353-5060

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