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Straightening Teeth is About More than a Great Smile

Almost everyone desires straighter, whiter teeth, but did you know that there are many more benefits to a great smile than just being able to show off? The next time you’re flashing those pearly whites for your friends, take extra joy in knowing that you’re also doing a great job of keeping yourself healthy.

Keep your Head on Straight

Your jaw alignment is strongly tied with your bite. Having a proper bite allows forces to spread correctly across your jawline and prevents any one part from taking on unnecessary stress. This means a decreased chance of developing jaw misalignment problems, which can be costly and are very difficult to fix. It can also help alleviate neck pain or headaches, which often stem from a poorly formed jaw structure. Proper bite patterns are extremely important in children, whose bone structure is still developing and can be strongly influenced. Misaligned teeth are more prone to wear and tear than straighter teeth as pressure is being put on them in a way that isn’t ideal.  

Easier to Clean

Straighter teeth are much easier to clean than teeth that are pointed all over the place. Flossing is made simpler, and brushing more effective. There are fewer places for food debris and bacteria to hide out and that helps keep bacterial populations low and reduces tooth decay. Because you’re able to brush and floss better, your overall oral hygiene is not compromised. The benefits of a clean and healthy mouth extend to affect the health of your gumlines. Straighter teeth mean less gaps in the gumline for bacteria to hide in, which helps reduce your risk of developing periodontal disease.

Harder to Damage

Missing teeth are frequently an unfortunate byproduct of playing contact sports or engaging in rough physical activity. While you should always be wearing proper protective gear, it doesn’t help if you’ve got crooked teeth that are just asking for trouble! Straight teeth help protect each other from getting knocked out.

Your bite and smile can serve as a sort of window, revealing information about your overall health. Make sure that people will like what they see! Due for a checkup? Centennial Smiles Dental is here to help! Feel free to call us at (587) 317‑7959 today!

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