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Teeth Whitening – Transforming Your Smile

What is it about a beautiful white smile that garners attention and envy? Nobody seems to be able to resist gazing at healthy white teeth – is it due to the youthful effect that screams vitality?

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Why Whiten Your Teeth?

The biggest complaint from patients who are considering teeth whitening options is their frustration with their smile looking dull and old. It’s true that our teeth naturally darken as we get older – add wine and coffee stains and lingering tobacco discoloration – it doesn’t take long for people to consider whitening their teeth in an attempt to remove stubborn stains and age related dullness.

How Do You Whiten Teeth?

At Centennial Smiles in Downtown Calgary – Dr. Rhemtulla and her team provide patients with two teeth whitening options. One is an in-office option using Spa Dent – which is a light activated system that can lighten teeth up to two to eight shades in just one twenty minute session. Under professional supervision in the dental office a patient wears top and bottom arch trays that have been filled with Spa Dent’s whitening gel. Then using a unique blue and red LED light the whitening particles in the gel are activated – removing surface stain caused be food and drink and penetrating the outer layers of enamel to remove stubborn stains that are caused by certain medications and conditions like fluorosis. During this in-office procedure the enamel and gum tissue are not injured – and tooth sensitivity is reduced with the help of ingredients that address tooth sensitivity. If you’re pressed for time and want to make an impression at an upcoming event – Spa Dent might be the right tooth whitening system for you.

Home Tooth Whitening Kit

The second option Centennial Smiles provides is a home whitening kit – designed to enable a patient to whiten their teeth in the comfort of their own home. Originally introduced to patients back in the 50’s – home whitening kits have come a long way – with a reduction in tooth sensitivity and heightened whitening effects. After an initial appointment for impressions that will be used to make custom top and bottom trays – a patient is able to begin whitening their teeth. Whitening gels can be worn for various lengths of time depending on the brand of gel and degree of lightening a patient wants to achieve. At Centennial Smiles thorough instructions are provided to make the process of teeth whitening fun and effective.

Whitening your teeth is one of the easiest and cost effective ways to transform your smile – contact Centennial Smiles today to discover just how easy it is to have a whiter, brighter smile (587) 317‑7959

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