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The Importance of Flossing

Maintaining a strong level of oral hygiene isn’t always a piece of cake. In fact, cake is probably the exact opposite of oral hygiene. Keeping teeth healthy and shiny clean is going to take more than simple brushing. Yet despite this common knowledge, many Canadians still aren’t finding the time to incorporate flossing into their nightly rituals. We think it’s high time we revisited the importance of flossing in order to convince you to either start doing it or to keep at it!

Plaque Buildup

The chance for tooth decay and gum disease is dramatically increased when there’s plaque buildup in the mouth. The primary purpose of brushing teeth is to remove this plaque and bacteria, but toothbrushes can’t quite cover all the surfaces that they need to. Plaque doesn’t just build up on the surfaces of teeth. It also accumulates in the spaces between teeth, especially in hard to reach areas. This is where flossing comes into play.

While a toothbrush can remove a lot of the obvious surface spots, flossing is critical in its ability to hit all those hard to reach areas where plaque is most likely to build up. Without flossing, the bacteria is allowed to run wild and can potentially cause massive damage to teeth and the gum line.

Floss Like a Boss

In order for flossing to be effective, you need to ensure your technique is adequate. Just running the length of string across your teeth is not going to accomplish much. Make sure you’re diligent about flossing and don’t skip any spaces! Ensure you floss goes right down to bottom of the gumline, and that you’re hitting both sides of the tooth. Don’t use the same contact point on the floss the entire time; switch the area every few teeth. Ultimately, the more thorough you are the better the results will be.

There are hundreds of different varieties of flosses available commercially, ranging from flavoured ones to those that feature tightly woven strings. It doesn’t matter which type of floss you choose! Even if you elect to use a special cleaner or brush for reaching in between teeth, you should still be getting the same benefits as long as you’re using these tools properly. The actual act of flossing is much much more important than the quality of the floss you use. Don’t spend too much time getting caught up by the ads, just grab your favourite and start flossing!

As we all know, bad oral hygiene is nothing to smile about. Ensure that you’re doing everything to keep your teeth clean and your body will thank you down the line. Don’t push off flossing as an extra embellishment to clean teeth. Incorporate it into your nightly routine and be astounded by the results!

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