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Three Tips for the Perfect School Photo Smile

Three Tips for the Perfect School Photo Smile - Centennial Smiles - Children Dentistry Calgary

School picture day is here, and you want your child to look their best. You’ve got a perfect outfit and hairstyle picked out, but no school photo look is complete without a stunning smile! Worried that teeth whitening will take weeks that you don’t have? Never fear! There are many things you can do just a day before picture day that can make a big difference in your child’s smile.

The Morning Brush

On the morning of the big day, ensure that your child has given his or her teeth a thorough brushing. Bacteria can build up throughout the night and cause the formation of new plaques, which detract from the smile. Giving teeth a final scrub will give them a shiny new polish, which is great for the photo that is about to be taken. Make sure that no bits of breakfast are left hanging! Consider doing a quick floss after the morning brush to catch any stray cereal particles that were looking to make an appearance.

Dress for Success

Teeth naturally have subtle colour undertones other than white, so it’s important to understand this and use it to your advantage by dress accordingly. For example, the colour of your child’s clothing can make a huge impact on the perceived colour of your teeth. On picture day, opt for cooler and darker colours like blue and purple in order to allow the whiteness of teeth to really stand out. Warmer colours like yellow and orange can bring out the yellowness in teeth and cause them to appear more discoloured than they actually are.

Last Minute Preparations

It’s never too late to improve a smile! After you’ve got your outfit picked out and teeth brushed, ensure that your child doesn’t accidentally ruin their hard work. Stay away from any coloured drinks such as fruit juice, as these can leave small but noticeable stains on teeth. Try and avoid eating sticky foods for the same reason. Opt for water or crunchy foods if your child is dying to have a snack.

It doesn’t matter if this is your child’s first photo day of many or their graduation picture — a confident smile makes a big difference! Centennial Smiles Dental loves to see smiling faces, and is here to help make that happen! Give us a call at 587-353-5060 today.

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