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Three Ways to Have a Healthier Mouth in the New Year

Three Ways to Have a Healthier Mouth in the New Year - Centennial Smiles - Dentists in Calgary

Now that 2019 is finally here, it’s a perfect time to consider taking up a new hobby, exploring a new idea, or starting a new project. If you’re looking for a new way to improve yourself this year, why not start with revisiting your current oral hygiene habits?

Revisit Your Brushing Habits

Brushing your teeth is your key defense against tooth decay and gingivitis. However, many adults find it difficult to find the time for regular brushing and flossing habits. If your oral healthcare has been sporadic over recent months, now is the perfect time to take a moment and reassess. Ideally, you want to aim to brush twice a day, including time for flossing. If you’re having trouble staying motivated, buying yourself a new toothbrush might give you the incentive you need. Set aside time in the mornings and evenings to fit in your oral healthcare routine and your smile will thank you for it!

Follow a Healthier Diet

It’s no secret that your diet is so important to your overall health, and your oral health is no exception! Staying away from refined foods and junk food will make for stronger and cleaner teeth. Start by cutting back on pop and coffee, and try instead to increase your intake of water. Not only will you protect your teeth from the harmful effects of sugary and acidic beverages, but water helps clean the mouth and is good for your general health. Next, aim to increase your intake of whole foods and vegetables. There’s no reason why you can’t enjoy the occasional treat, but recognize a treat for what it is and ensure that you eat everything in moderation. Start small and make gradual but meaningful diet changes and you’ll be seeing a healthier smile in no time!

Visit Your Dentist

Dentists get lonely too! If it’s been awhile since your last checkup, it’s well worth your while to pay your dentist a visit. Your hygienist will help remove any tartar that’s built up on your teeth and your dentist will inspect your mouth for early signs of gum disease or cavities. They’ll be able to make specific recommendations tailored to you and your mouth. Catching oral health problems in their early stages makes treating them that much easier, saving you time and money in the long run.

Looking for a new dentist for the new year? Centennial Smiles is here for you! Feel free to call us at 587-353-5060 anytime!

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