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Tooth Bonding – How a Little Material can Change a Smile

From broken teeth, gaps between teeth, discoloration and decay – tooth bonding can not only make your smile healthier – it can make your smile more attractive.  Considered a highly conservative method for restoring a tooth to natural form and function – white colored fillings can provide an esthetic result that makes you wonder why you took so long to fix your smile.

What are Tooth Colored Fillings?

Tooth colored fillings involve the use of tooth colored acrylic material to restore a tooth to its natural form and function.  Suitable to be used in both front teeth and molars – this material enables patients to get the esthetic result they want without the use of porcelain.  First introduced in America in the 1960’s the acrylic material has improved significantly to increase usage and address issues of tooth sensitivity that was common with early applications.  Considered both a restorative and cosmetic material – tooth colored acrylic isn’t only used to restore a tooth when fractured or decayed as it is also used to change the shape, size and color of teeth.

Changing Your Smile Conservatively

Family Dentists at Centennial Dental in Downtown Calgary appreciate the versatility of tooth colored restorations for their ability to not only restore the structure of a tooth but enhance the shape and color at the same time.  Why do we use the word conservative when talking about tooth colored fillings?  The nature of placement means that in many cases minimal amount of natural tooth structure has to be removed in order to place the material.  Unlike other restorative materials such as silver fillings that require a dentist to make several undercuts into healthy tooth structure to create adhesion – acrylic material involves minimal involvement of healthy tissue.  This minimal application enables patients to address cosmetic flaws like gaps, chips and stains – without cutting down teeth.

What are the Benefits of White Fillings?There are many advantages of tooth colored fillings – here’s just a few:

  • Closely match the color of natural teeth
  • They bond to tooth structure chemically and don’t require mechanical adhesion like other materials
  • They can be used in front and back teeth
  • Provide close to 90% of strength of natural tooth structure

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