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Toothpaste for Adults vs Children

Toothpaste is a critical component in any proper oral hygiene routine. Brushing your teeth without toothpaste simply does not have the same effect. These days, it seems there are too many toothpaste options out there to choose from. As if it wasn’t already enough, we also seem to enjoy differentiating between adult toothpaste and child-friendly toothpaste! Once you take away to bright colours and marketing, is there really any difference between these two?

Fluoride Content

One of the more important differences is the difference in the amount of fluoride present in the toothpaste. Fluoride is very important in helping to rebuild damaged tooth enamel and replenish lost minerals. However, as with anything else, too much fluoride can become harmful, especially if swallowed in large amounts. For this reason, children’s toothpastes tend to have a lesser amount of fluoride in order to protect them in the event of an accidental swallowing. Furthermore, too much fluoride exposure can cause fluorosis, which manifests as small white patches on the surfaces of teeth. Mild fluorosis is fairly common and usually isn’t a health concern, but it may be a cosmetic concern. On toothpastes designed for younger mouths, you’ll likely see the instruction to use only a pea-sized amount. Make sure that you abide by this suggestion to reduce the risk of fluorosis.


Aside from the fluoride content, there isn’t a whole lot that’s different between adult toothpaste and children’s toothpaste. As a side effect of marketing strategies, children’s toothpastes tend to have a more diverse selection of colours and flavours, which is excellent news if you’re not a fan of mint. If you can’t stand the taste of your regular toothpaste, children’s toothpaste may be an alternative, especially if it helps motivate you to brush your teeth more regularly! To make up for the diminished fluoride content, look to supplement your brushing with a fluoride rinse. This way, you’ll ensure that you’re still getting the necessary amount of fluoride. As an added benefit, you can probably also find these rinses available in all sorts of fun flavours!

All in all, there isn’t too much that separates your toothpaste from your child’s. What’s much more important is that both of you are brushing and flossing properly! Establish a strong daily oral hygiene regime to make sure your smile stays bright and healthy! Have more questions? You can contact us at (587) 317‑7959!

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