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Top 5 Dentist Approved Summer Eats

Summer is in high swing, bringing with it heat, sunlight, and the desire for cool summer treats! With a multitude of sweet treats out there, it can get tricky to sift through them to find what satisfies both your sweet tooth and your dentist. Luckily for you, we’re here to show you how you can develop a great smile over the summer months without sacrificing those sweet treats.


Watermelon is an excellent go-to treat all around. It’s packed full of vitamins and nutrients that are beneficial to maintaining healthy teeth, and has few detriments. Also, it’s downright delicious!


While not exactly sweet, we had to include cheese on this list due to its high content of calcium and phosphorus, both of which are great for building tooth enamel by helping to replenish lost minerals. Chewing cheese also stimulates the production of enzymes in your saliva that help kill bacteria for even better tooth protection. All the more reason to smile and say cheese!


Chewing gum is another great way to generate more saliva to help counteract bad bacteria that eat away at tooth enamel. Look for gum with no colouring and a low sugar content for the best effects.

Crunchy Fruits

Chips aren’t the only crunchy foods available out there! Try to serve fruit or vegetable platters that include foods like apples or carrots that have a satisfying crunch. Again, the chewing required to enjoy them helps stimulate saliva production. Also, they’re full of excellent vitamins and nutrients.

Ice Cream

What? Ice cream? You heard us, but take it with a grain of salt. Ice cream has plenty of sugar that makes it a bad candidate for keeping your teeth healthy. However, it is better than other sticky candy, which can hang around and eat away at your enamel. If you enjoy ice cream in moderation and ensure that you keep up with brushing, there’s no problem!

Summer is short in Alberta, so go out and make the most of it! Centennial Smiles Dental is more than happy to talk about other healthy food choices. Reach us at (587) 317‑7959.

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