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Why Preventive Dentistry is Better Than Fixing Problems

We often hear of new techniques and procedures in dentistry that offer effective treatment methods. This is, of course, positive and encouraging news, but it can be easy to get caught up in all the different ways we can fix our problems. Instead, it can be a much better idea to take a step back and look at how we can prevent such dental problems from occurring in the first place.

Stop Problems Before They Start

The easiest problem to solve is the one that doesn’t happen at all. Preventive dentistry is all about looking at how we can take better care of our teeth so issues don’t arise to begin with. This can take many forms, from proper oral hygiene habits that can be followed at home to regular checkups at the dentist’s office. It all starts with a well established daily brushing routine. The best thing you can do for your teeth is ensure that you’re brushing twice daily using a toothpaste enriched with fluoride. Coupled with regular flossing and mouthwash usage, this can go a long ways towards maintaining your oral health. If you’ve been slacking off on the brushing or flossing, now is the time to get back on track!

You Are What You Eat

Our choice of diet makes a huge difference in our oral hygiene. If you’re constantly exposing your tooth enamel to sugary foods and highly acidic drinks, it’ll wear much faster and you’ll be that much more likely to get severe problems. Instead, aim to limit your intake of such foods and opt for those nutritious options that your parents always begged you to eat. Lastly, don’t forget to drink plenty of water throughout. This allows you to give your mouth a good rinse while also helping you stay hydrated.

Visit the Dentist

We aren’t here to scare and chastise you for poor oral health habits! We’re here to help guide you towards fixing those poor habits and turning them into better ones. Regular dental checkups allow us to catch any potential problems before they really have a chance to take off and do serious damage. If it’s been awhile since you last said hi to your dentist, make an appointment sooner rather than later! We promise we will make your visit as hassle free as possible, and health insurance is usually able to cover most costs.

Stopping dental issues in their tracks is best handled on a day to day basis, and starts right at home. Ensure that your daily hygiene routines are well established, and check in with your dentist every now and then just to be sure everything is in working order. Centennial Smiles Dental  is always happy to see new smiling faces. Don’t hesitate to give us a call at (587) 317‑7959 today!

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