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Your Newly Graduated Student’s Last Dental Appointment

So your little one is not quite so little anymore. One day they’re in your arms and the next day they’re on their way out the door, ready to begin their new life at a faraway university (which sometimes might just be down the street). Either way, they’ll be heading to a new environment characterized by busy days and long nights. Most first year university students are much too caught up by all the things happening around them to be bothered to get their teeth checked.

The long term effects

What’re the long term consequences of not having a dental checkup? First off, let’s keep things in perspective. Your student will likely be back in the summer months, where their teeth can be checked over, so we’re only talking about a relatively short period of time. However, 8 or 10 months is longer than we normally suggest you wait between cleanings. The main downside will be that any problems that may arise with your new graduate’s teeth won’t be able to be caught and addressed while they’re away. This means if something serious does occur, there will be more time for damage to be done than if it was discovered and nipped in the bud. Aside from very serious issues, this is unlikely to be the case. The most probable worry will be the accumulation of dental plaque. While plaque can usually be brushed away, it often grows in tough to reach places where it is left to fester and grow into tartar, a much harder substance that is trickier to get rid of. Dental scaling is an effective way or removing tartar. Leaving it unchecked increases the risk of tooth decay and gum disease.

What does this mean?

Your newly graduated student’s teeth will, in all likelihood, be alright while they are away, assuming they remember their basic brushing habits. In any case, they will have much more pressing matters on their mind during the school semester. Rest assured that their teeth can wait to be looked at until they’re back for the summer.

What else can you do?

Just because your student won’t be seeing a dentist for a while doesn’t mean their teeth are going to rot. Give them a friendly reminder to adhere to a daily brushing and flossing schedule, and help them pack some extra toothpaste. Frequent brushing will go a long ways in ensuring their oral health and reduce plaque buildup.

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