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Invisalign for Teens and Professionals Alike

While everyone wants to have a bright and winning smile, the process to get there can be quite long. Orthodontics have traditionally had a bad reputation, with braces being compared to unflattering objects like train tracks. However, the days of enduring the torment of metal brackets and wires are over. For those looking to develop their perfect smile, Invisalign might be an option for you!

For Teens

One of the biggest issues facing teenagers, especially in today’s world, is the struggle to come to terms with the concept of self and their identity. The teenage years can be a trying time for anyone going through this, and the process is made no easier by a mouthful of braces. In the past, braces had negative connotations, and were associated with other derogatory terms. Although much of this negativity has seen substantial improvement in recent years, it remains difficult for a teen struggling with self identity to appear in front of their peers with metal brackets on their teeth. Fortunately, Invisalign presents a solution to this problem. The Invisalign retainer is transparent and barely noticeable to the eye, allowing teens to wear them throughout the day with complete discretion.

For Professionals

Fast forward to the adult world, and you’ll quickly see that the way one presents themselves is still largely prevalent in day to day life. Whether it be business meetings or job interviews, first impressions are hugely important to the future success of your career. As such, orthodontic treatment for the business professional remains highly appealing. Invisalign allows you to continue to carry out your daily business with little interference. The retainers can be easily removed for brushing and flossing, allowing you to keep your existing oral hygiene habits. They can also be removed so you can enjoy your lunch without having anything get in the way. You can enjoy easy and effective orthodontic treatment without having to deal with a mouthful of wires and brackets.

In a fast paced and well connected world, Invisalign offers options for teens and professionals alike to go about their daily lives without any interference. You can be rest assured that you’re getting effective orthodontic treatment without any of the hassle that comes from traditional braces. Best of all, when you’re all done with the treatment, you can show to the world the dazzling smile that you now possess! Centennial Smiles is more than happy to meet with you to discuss if Invisalign is right for you. Reach us today at (587) 317‑7959.

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