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Start the Year with a New Smile

A brand new year means ample opportunity to start new projects, try new things, and embark on new adventures. What better way to tackle the year ahead of us than with a winning smile on your face? Here are some ways you can make the start of your new year even better.

Start the Year with a Whiter Smile

Why not greet the new year with a dazzling set of fresh pearly whites? Tooth whitening is highly popular, especially around this time of year. The acids and colours found in food and drink can stain our teeth and cause the white covering of enamel to deteriorate over time. As enamel wears, the yellow dentin underneath is exposed, causing teeth to gain a yellow tinge. Tooth whitening sometimes involves using a peroxide to break stains down, making them less concentrated. This can help make those stains much less visible. Commercial toothpastes with whitening strips also work through stain removal. The little strips in the toothpaste help physically scrap stains off as your brush away. For methods that actually make teeth themselves whiter, you’d be looking at tooth bleaching. This is best done under the guidance of a dental professional, as the bleach can harm your gums. Talking to your dentist about your options is the best way to get started.

Porcelain Veneers

Porcelain veneers are thin layers of ceramic that essentially replace some of your enamel. They’re ideal for those with fractured teeth or large gaps between teeth, but can also be used to help cover up stains that aren’t being removed from abrasion or bleaching. Because the veneers are a permanent fixation, you’ll want to really ensure that you do your research first and find out if this is something right for you. Work with your dentist to find out what look you’re trying to achieve. He or she will be able to design your porcelain veneer to fit well and blend in with the rest of your teeth for the most natural and healthy look. You may even be able to see an image of the prospective final result before any actual work is started. Also know that for the layer of ceramic to fit naturally, some of your enamel needs to first be removed, often less than a millimeter.

Happy New Years from all of us here at Centennial Dental. We hope that you take some time to reflect on this past year and are ready to face the next one with a smile on your face! If you’re looking to book an appointment for early in 2018, now’s the time! Give us a call at (587) 317‑7959 today!

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