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why dental implants are now the preferred choice of treatment?

dental implants the preferred choice?

Bone loss in your jaw always follows the loss of a tooth.  Dental implants can help you to avoid facial changes, speech changes, and diet changes that take place over time as teeth shift and your jaw bone recedes.  Dental implants can replace lost teeth giving you a healthy, natural and youthful smile!

  1. Implants are anchored permanently in your jaw bone
  2. Implants preserve and strengthen the underlying bone just like the roots of your natural teeth.
  3. Implants do not alter or compromise adjacent healthy teeth
  4. Implants require no plates that can affect comfort and fit
  5. Implants can replace the form and function of your natural teeth
  6. Implants can anchor dentures to prevent shifting, or replace partial dentures and bridgework.
  7. Implants are without any age barrier
  8. Implants are safe and reliable
  9. Implants look natural so no one will know you have them……unless you tell them
  10. Implants can be maintained by normal brushing and flossing.