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At Centennial Smiles Dental we pride ourselves on being an integral part of our community. In keeping with this spirit, we will be closing our office until April 1st, in order to curtail the non-essential trips out of your homes and in turn control the pandemic spread of COVID-19. In controlling the spread, early containment is the key. Further closure could be possible, and we will update you when those decisions are made.

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Cosmetic Dentistry – Combining Artistry and Technology

Patients may be under the impression that Cosmetic Dentistry is a specialty area of dentistry – it’s actually not.  But what makes this area of dentistry interesting is that it incorporates the artistic talents of the dentist to analyze a patient’s smile and design teeth that will provide maximum esthetics.

Smiles and First Impressions

We all form a first impression when we meet somebody for the first time – sometimes it’s a person’s gorgeous hair, impeccable clothing and extreme height.  More often than not what grabs our attention is a person’s smile – because it not only can be a thing of beauty, it also conveys a certain energy and a glimpse of a person’s health and vitality.  When our smile doesn’t reflect how we feel, there is a tendency to want to hide it – smiling with our lips closed and using our hand to cover our mouth – which chips away at our self-confidence and makes us avoid certain professional and social occasions.  As the saying goes – you only have one chance to make a first impression – so revealing your best smile will give you a great start.

How Are Smiles Changed?

Family Dentists at Centennial Smiles Dental in Downtown Calgary explain that Cosmetic Dentistry can eliminate several dental concerns that may be detracting from a smile.  Dull, stained and discolored teeth are one of the biggest complaints patients have about their smiles – and small chips, gaps and misaligned teeth can also cause frustration to those wanting a perfect smile – but these things are easily and quickly remedied with the use of dental procedures that aim to enhance the beauty and overall impression of a smile.  Procedures such as, Teeth Whitening, Dental Veneers and Crowns can transform a smile in just a few appointments – changing the color, shape and size of teeth – closing gaps and making crooked teeth straight – all with the strategic placement of dental restorations.

You don’t have to be unhappy about your smile – there are several options available that can make any smile look and feel better – ranging from take-home Teeth Whitening Kits to paper-thin Veneers that can hide discolorations and change the shape of teeth.  Having the smile you’ve always wanted is possible – talk to the team at Centennial Smiles Dental today (587) 317‑7959

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