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Dental Implants – Restoring a Smile

What is it about a smile that turns heads and makes a room light up?  Is it the color, the shape of teeth, the lip support or the energy that emanates from a smile?  Could it be the youthfulness, emblem of health or just sheer glow that radiates from a person during a smile?

Maybe It’s a Full Head of Teeth

Smiles don’t have to be perfect to be noticed.  Most people would take Tom Cruise, even with his off-line smile.  And what about our very own Avril Lavigne and her cute prominent canine – nobody is criticizing this beauty.  So what is it that makes people think – that’s a great smile? Most people would agree that having a full complement of teeth is a great starting point for an amazing smile.  Missing teeth and a gappy smile just seems to give a perception of poor oral health – something that can actually detract from an otherwise healthy person.

How To Replace Teeth

Not everyone gets to keep their natural teeth for a lifetime.  Between accidents, infection and general wear-and-tear it’s only natural that a few teeth get lost over the years.  But a missing tooth can be easily replaced with the use of dental implants – a fixed permanent solution for replacing teeth that can take a patient from gaps to smiles in just a few appointments.  There are several options for replacing teeth – full dentures, partial dentures, bridges and implants – all have their place in restoring a smile and all provide patients will alternative methods for improving their oral health.  For patients who seek the method that most closely resembles a natural tooth in structure and appearance – the choice has to be a dental implant.  Placed directly in to the jaw bone an implant simulates the root of a natural tooth – which is restored after healing with the placement of a dental crown.  Dental implants can be used to replace single or multiple missing teeth and present a great option for patients who have existing dentistry that is not providing desired fit or function.  Wobbly dentures that don’t stay in place can be securely anchored with the use of implants – making talking and eating easier and more enjoyable.

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