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Healthy Fundamentals

Healthy Fundamentals

Beautiful teeth can only sustain themselves with the support of healthy gums similar to creating a solid structural foundation before building a house.  Healthy gums help retain teeth in the bone in addition to framing teeth and providing attractive, cosmetic contours.

Gum recession is a common dental issue that can be an indicator of unhealthy gums.  As part of a comprehensive dental exam, Dr. Rhemtulla will assess and monitor gum recession at each visit.  If your teeth are “looking longer” due to a receding gumline, come in for an assessment  and personalized treatment options.   Conversely, if your teeth are “looking shorter” giving you a gummy smile, ask us about our esthetic laser recontouring to resolve this issue.

Dr. Rhemtulla and her team look forward to answering your questions about the dental treatments available to ensure a beautiful, youthful smile!

Development of periodontitis

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