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How to Brush Your Teeth, the Right Way!

Brushing your teeth properly will help prevent inflammation of the gums, tooth decay and tooth sensitivity. It‘s the most effective way to rid teeth of food residue and disrupts the bacteria that grow on your teeth preventing them from eating away at your enamel. You probably already brush your teeth but even the most experienced of us can use tips to improve our technique! Follow these steps to brush your teeth, the right way.

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Wet your toothbrush and apply a pea sized dollop of toothpaste.

  • Start in the back of your mouth on the outside of the upper molars and work in a clockwise direction. Move to the outside of your lower molars (working clockwise), followed by the inside surfaces of your teeth and then the chewing surfaces. Always following the same routine will help you remember what portion of your mouth you have completed and what is left to brush.
  • Place your toothbrush at a 45 degree angle to your gums.
  • Gently move the brush in small circular motions. Brush each area for at least 20 seconds and brush a minimum of 2 minutes for your whole mouth.
  • After 20 seconds of brushing, roll the brush head away from the gum line so the bristles sweep the surface of the tooth.
  • To clean the inside surfaces of the lower front and upper front teeth, tilt the brush vertically and make several up and down strokes.
  • Brush your tongue, the insides of your cheeks and the roof of your mouth with a gentle, circular motion.
  • Rinse your mouth thoroughly. 

Important information and tips:

  • Fluoride is a natural cavity fighter that strengthens tooth enamel and fights tooth decay. Brushing with fluoridated toothpaste twice a day can reduce tooth decay by up to 40%!
  • Choose a soft bristled brush with a size and shape that fits your mouth. 
  • Replace your toothbrush every 3 or 4 months or when the bristles show wear. A worn brush is too abrasive and causes damage to the surface of your teeth.
  • Brush twice a day; in the morning when you wake and every night before bed. Make one of these brushings thorough by including flossing and mouthwash.
  • After eating sugary, acidic or processed foods, wait 30 to 45 minutes before brushing. This gives your saliva time to do its work on the acid before you brush.
  • Gentle brushing is more effective and less destructive than hard brushing. Think of it as “massaging” your teeth and gums.
  • Rinse your mouth with water when you finish eating.
  • The motion of brushing is more important than the toothpaste you use.
  • A healthy diet helps maintain healthy teeth.
  • An electric toothbrush will make the correct motion for you when brushing. 

Brushing is the most important weapon in your fight against tooth decay. Your dentist is your most important ally. See your dentist regularly!

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