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Let’s Talk About Invisalign®

Our last blog touched on the connection between self-esteem and our smile. Now for some this connection just won’t resonate because a few crooked teeth doesn’t stop them from rocking life! But it is true to say that we all have parts of our physical being that we just wish were more ideal – and for some it’s a smile.

Straighten Teeth To Improve Your Smile

There is more than one way to do a lot of things – and more than one way to improve the health and beauty of a smile.  Straightening teeth with an orthodontic system can be a preferable option to patients who want to correct bite issues but who don’t want a restorative solution (crowns, veneers).  Moving teeth into preferred alignment not only changes the esthetics of a smile – but the health of the entire mouth.  We’ve mentioned in previous blogs the challenges and dilemmas of keeping a mouth squeaky clean when there is severe crowding and overlapping of teeth.  Gosh, this daily task can be hard enough for those with straight teeth – but include some gnarly fangs and criss-cross teeth and oral hygiene can suffer.  The reason why gum inflammation and recession, along with dental decay is observed more frequently in mouths that present with crowding of teeth is because food and plaque become too easily trapped between teeth – irritating gum tissue and weakening tooth enamel.

Is Invisalign® For You?

Downtown Calgary Dentists at Centennial Smiles support patients in exploring all suitable options for creating a healthy, functional, beautiful smile.  Not every patient will pick the same treatment plan as existing dental health, age and expectations all play in to establishing a goal that will achieve optimum results.  Invisalign® is an orthodontic system capable of correcting misaligned teeth and other bite related problems – with the use of clear (barely visible) aligners. The idea of clear aligners moving teeth seems like a dream to some patients – as we may have grown accustomed to seeing brackets, wires and elastics.  What moves teeth is force over an amount of time – and Invisalign’s custom aligners are designed to provide the right amount of force, for the desired amount of time to move teeth in to healthy arch position.  No brackets or wires involved – just your smile.

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