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More Tooth Sensitivity

Tooth Sensitivity – something that is triggered by temperature, sugars or pressure.  Does everyone suffer from Sensitive Teeth and if you have the condition can you treat it? At some point in life it appears that everyone has one or two sensitive teeth – maybe due to root exposure or maybe wear from grinding – but tooth sensitivity can be treated so that discomfort is controlled.

Dental Decay

Dental Decay can present with random discomfort of a tooth.  As the decay destroys the outer layer of the tooth (enamel) and gets closer to the nerve of a tooth, discomfort and sensitivity is heightened, often resulting in an emergency trip to the dentist for relief.  Ignoring tooth sensitivity is never a good idea – as teeth don’t usually act up unless they are in need of attention.  If you’ve just had a dental appointment for treatment it can be normal for teeth to feel a little fragile after certain procedures – but if you’ve been avoiding the dentist like the plague and your teeth are sensitive to stimuli – it’s time to make an appointment.  Dental Decay and Oral Infections don’t just happen overnight – it’s a slow and gradual increase in pain that might have patients ignoring signs of trouble.

Love Those Pickles and Lemons?

Family Dentists at Centennial Smiles in downtown Calgary hate to warn you lovers of acidic foods – but over indulgence may mean increased tooth sensitivity. The acids in vinegar and lemon juice, grapefruit and even tomato sauce can have you grimacing as exposed roots and thin enamel cause the nerve of the tooth to react.  Rinsing with water after enjoying a pickle (or two) and avoiding sucking on lemons can help control a tooth’s sensitivity – but until you treat the underlying cause (gum recession, decay etc.) your acidic delights may have to be put on hold.

Living With a Cracked Tooth?

Dealing with a cracked tooth goes beyond tooth sensitivity – this condition usually results in shooting pain – especially when pressure is exerted on the tooth (biting in to something).  Every time a patient bites down the crack will open slightly, causing immediate discomfort that may last for several minutes or become so persistent that the patient is in constant pain.  If your tooth is responding negatively to pressure, make sure you get your Calgary Dentist to check the tooth to rule out all potential causes.

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