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New Year New Smile

The incoming new year means incoming new year’s resolutions. Many resolutions don’t quite manage to make it much further than the planning stage, and most end up getting faded out due to lack of time or commitment. However, a new smile is a one time decision that can make a positive impact on you for the rest of your life.

One Time Decision?

Deciding to get orthodontic treatment done can be a difficult choice, as there is much to consider. However, once you’ve made the choice, sticking to it becomes quite easy. A planned out treatment option will be made specifically for you, and there’s no backing out once the braces go on or your first set of retainers arrive, which is both a blessing and a curse. View your short term hard work as a worthwhile investment for the future, and live contentedly knowing that at least one of your new year’s resolutions will be carried through to fruition.

Long Term Psychological Benefits

Tired of dealing with the self doubt and uncertainty due to crooked teeth? We understand the impact that having a straighter smile can have on your life. Self image and confidence plays a huge role in how you carry yourself both at home and at the workplace. It can have an impact on your productivity and how you interact with others. Let 2017 be the year you finally make that big breakthrough, or get some solid work done on that major project that you’ve been eyeing. Every little thing helps, and having a more confident smile is sure to make a difference.

Long Term Health Benefits

Orthodontic treatment can help you avoid further dental issues down the road. Improperly spaced teeth can create hotspots for bacteria to gather, causing tooth decay or gum disease. An untreated overbite can cause sensitive facial muscles to strain and your bones to disfigure, which is much harder to correct. Crowded teeth can also result in tooth aches or pain, and can be tricky to get rid of if left unattended. Breathing and swallowing patterns are highly dependent on the shape and configuration of your mouth. Orthodontics corrects more than just your teeth. It can have a major impact on your overall oral health in more ways than you might think.

Still not convinced? Take some time during this post-holiday season to consider to benefits that orthodontic treatment can provide. Centennial Smiles is happy to discuss your options with you in the new year. Give us a call at (587) 317‑7959 to set up an appointment!

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