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Quitting Smoking – How Your Smile Benefits

Nobody wants to be called a quitter – but when it comes to throwing away the cigarettes the sooner you’re on the quitting team the better.  Most people are acutely aware of the health concerns associated with smoking – from lung disease to cancer – this habit really does do a number on the body.  Though we understand that smoking comes with certain health risks, because we can’t see the damage being done and may feel relatively healthy while partaking in the habit – overtime the impact can be all too deadly.  But oral disease associated with nicotine use is plainly visible – and may just clue people in to what’s happening throughout their body.

The Mouth Provides Signs and Symptoms of Disease

It’s the double-edged sword – our mouths reveal signs and symptoms of ill-health which leaves us frustrated in having to deal with certain issues, yet it may also be a person’s guiding light – giving them insight in to their overall physical wellbeing.  Oral tissues don’t respond well to nicotine or the heat that is created when taking a drag.  Gum tissue quickly dehydrates and teeth become more at risk for dental decay and tooth loss due to an increased production of plaque.  Lighting up can significantly lower a person’s immune system – making gum recession, disease and infection a genuine concern.   What is of particular concern is that the mouth is merely providing an indication of the health of internal organs and systems – meaning that oral conditions shouldn’t be ignored.

What Happens to the Mouth When You Quit Smoking?

One of the immediate benefits of quitting smoking is increased oxygen supply to oral tissues.  Nicotine acts as a vassal constrictor, masking its damaging affects as smokers may not experience bleeding gums.  A lack of bleeding signifies that tissue is starved of nutrients – which also make gums appear paler in color and less resistant to trauma.  Butting out enables gums to heal and perform the important job of protecting teeth.

Other immediate benefits are your breath becomes less stinky and taste-buds begin to regenerate.  These may not be health altering changes – but they sure will make life seem a whole lot better.  Fresh breath means increased confidence and that just makes life fun.  And really tasting your favorite food – that’s got to be worth the challenge of quitting smoking?

At Centennial Smiles dentists strive to help patients have the healthiest smile possible – talk to the dentists about quitting smoking.

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