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Teaching Your Children About Dental Health

Ensuring a city full of happy and healthy smiles starts right at home. As parents, you have the responsibility of making sure that your child is learning the proper oral hygiene habits they need to nurture a lifelong smile. What are the steps you can take towards achieving this goal?

Starting off Right

There’s no time like the present for teaching your child about oral hygiene! Even very young children can learn by watching you brush your teeth. Tell your children about why keeping their teeth clean is important, and use fun and relatable terms. Show them what proper brushing looks like, and emphasize a daily routine that they can follow. Remember that children are keen to learn pretty much anything, so establishing healthy brushing under a positive light will encourage them to continue these behaviours as they get older.

Early Visits

Most dentists are happy to see your child around the time when their first tooth starts to sprout. Now is the time to get them acquainted with the idea of a visit to the dentist. Try to approach these visits with a positive vibe, and focus on making it an enjoyable experience for your child. Ensure that you don’t accidentally pass on any fear or stigma around the dentist’s office, as this can have a lasting impact on young minds. We want to teach children that visiting the dentist on a regular basis is a normal part of his or her oral healthcare regime.

Healthy Habits

What do healthy habits look like? Kids learn best by following their role models. Practicing good brushing and flossing habits yourself will encourage them to do the same! Teach them about the difference between treats that they can enjoy once in a while versus foods that will help them build a healthy smile. Finally, look for any bad habits that might be forming, such as forgetting to floss some nights, and think of ways to help break these habits in a constructive way.

Building smiles for the future starts today! Taking the time to teach your child strong oral hygiene skills now will ensure that their smile stays bright and healthy for years to come. Centennial Smiles Dental is here to help! If you have any questions or are looking to book your child’s first dental appointment, don’t hesitate to reach out to us at (587) 317‑7959.

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