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Think Oral Health is Just About Preventing Tooth Loss?

Think Oral Health is Just About Preventing Tooth Loss? - Centennial Smiles - Oral Health Experts Calgary

Your oral health is more important than you might realize as it offers clues about your overall health. The mouth and body are integral to each other and recognizing that the health of one impacts the health of the other enables dental patients to have a positive influence over their health and vitality.

Think Oral Health is Just About Preventing Tooth Loss? - Centennial Smiles - Oral Health Experts Calgary

The Mouth and Body Interlink

Traditionally oral health has focused on the health of teeth, gums and bone. Preventing dental decay, tooth loss and gum disease has led to the mouth being viewed as its own entity, often without adequate attention being given to the links between oral health and other presenting conditions. Reducing the risk for cavities and gum disease obviously is a huge part of dental care – but in controlling the risk for developing these oral diseases other physical conditions like heart disease and diabetes can be improved.

The Influence of Lifestyle Choices

Poor diet, tobacco use, alcohol consumption, stress and lack of adequate dental care contributes to dental decay, gum and periodontal disease and oral cancer. And these same lifestyle habits also raise a person’s risk of developing cardiovascular disease, respiratory illness, diabetes and an increased risk of a stroke. Maintaining regular visits to your Calgary Dentist is even more crucial when certain risk factors are in place – as your dental team can monitor and control the impact lifestyle choices have on the mouth.

Taking care of your body means taking care of your oral health – as the two are interlinked when it comes to increasing the risk for certain diseases and/or controlling existing conditions. Seeing the body as a whole, and accepting that poor oral health is having a direct effect on your overall wellbeing, provides an opportunity to reduce the risk of compromised systemic health – all while taking care of your smile.

Centennial Smiles in SW Calgary believes that taking care of patients’ health means helping patients reach optimal dental health that boosts their physical, emotional and social wellbeing. For more information on taking care of your smile and your body – contact Centennial Smiles today 587.353.5060

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